Preparing for the winter


     While we’re not particularly anxious for winter to arrive, it is in our best interest to start preparing for the cold that will inevitably come.  You can leave your fountain in the pond until ice starts to form.  As soon as temperatures drop below freezing be aware that surface forming ice may damage the float or other parts of your fountain and can potentially prevent water from passing through the spray nozzle.  The ice barrier can cause the fountain to run dry destroying the fountain’s motor.

Removing your fountain and preparing it for storage is a straightforward process and a service that we offer.  The fountain should be cleaned removing any algae build up from the year.  We use a pressure washer to easily handle this.   Lights should be cleaned with any burned out bulbs being replaced and cables should be checked.  Once your fountain is cleaned and inspected it should be stored in an upright position in a climate controlled location.  Since there are several types of fountains, it is very important that you read through your user’s manual for special instructions and maintenance tips to keep your fountain running at its very best.

Aqua Control Torrent spray pattern

If you are feeling adventurous and want to run your fountain throughout the winter you can minimize the risk of damaging your equipment by selecting a more suitable spray nozzle and regularly monitoring the environment.  Choose a spray pattern that throws heavier streams of water instead of a misty pattern.  Water moving at a higher volume in a dense pattern is less likely to freeze than water sprayed in a finer pattern.

Periodically check the fountain to make sure the spray nozzle is unobstructed and that the water can return to the pond.  If you are going to run your fountain in temperatures below freezing you will have to run it continuously, setting the pump time clocks to run 24/7 or the water in the fountain will freeze when switched off.  Keep in mind that parts damaged by winter operation may not be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty.

If your fountain is your primary source of aeration you have a few alternatives to get you through the winter.  Try and keep a hole open through the surface ice in your pond.  This will allow toxic gases formed by decomposing organic debris to exit the pond and let fresh air in.  Since the cold water holds oxygen easier and your fish are less active in cold water you may not need additional aeration.  If you are concerned, however, you can install a bottom aeration system which can be run year-round even when ice forms on the pond.

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